Thank you for your interest in serving Pallet!  

We’re honoured to be wholesale partners to some of the best cafés, restaurants and businesses across Canada, who serve and sell Pallet Coffee.   

With Pallet, your success is our success. We work with our Wholesale partners every step of the way, on their journey to making and serving amazing speciality coffee. A partnership with us means more than just coffee supply - from selecting the right coffees and equipment, to having well trained baristas, we'll be there to assist you along the way.   

   If you are ready to learn more about what a Wholesale partnership with Pallet means, get in touch with us below, we'd love to hear from you!

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Only 30 items1 left for sale today


We want to serve Pallet coffee in our workplace/office - is this something you can help us with?

Yes! We are incredibly excited to see that more and more workplaces around Vancouver are beginning to put more focus into serving high quality coffee for their employees. Pallet is a very popular choice for many of these workplaces already, and we would love to be a part of yours. Reach out to us via the contact form above, or send us an email at, to find out more about our office supply program.

I've never served coffee at my establishment before, can you set me up with equipment and training?

Yes! Taking the step into serving coffee is incredibly exciting and a Wholesale partnership with Pallet ensures you have all of the support you need, every step of the way. From providing recommendations and advice on equipment set up, all the way through to ongoing training of your staff on site and at our specialized training location, we have you covered. 

I have an existing cafe/restaurant, and want to use a different coffee supplier, or add another coffee to my line-up.

We would love to explore beginning a new partnership with you - whether you would like us to send you some samples, book in a time to join us for a cupping or just have a catch up over coffee to discuss possibilities, we would love to hear from you! Reach out to us via the contact form above or email us at

I'm a home barista that takes my coffee seriously - can I buy your coffee in larger quantities?

​ Yes! If you go through a lot of coffee at home, our 5lb bags are the perfect option for you - order online here or get in touch at for suggestions and guidance on what coffee to choose. We also stock an amazing range of quality home brewing equipment in all of our locations and online which are the perfect addition to any set up for a home Barista.