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Kiru Farmers Co-op - Washed

Blackberry jam with green grapes and brown sugar.

Category - Adventurous 

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Roast - Espresso & Filter

Origin - Kenya
Region - Muranga
Factory - Kamagogo
Factory Manager - Stephen Ihugo

Altitude - 1800-1900m
Varietal SL28, SL34, Batiam, Ruiru 11
Process - Washed

Import Partner - Cafe Imports  

Kamagogo Coffee Factory is located in Muranga County and was established in 1986. The factory is affiliated to Kiru Farmers Co-operative Society. Its membership stands at around 1000 farmers. The most unique aspect of this factory is that it’s located within traditional tea growing zones.

Kamagogo Coffee factory is run by Stephen Ihugo - the factory manager - along with five permanent members of staff. The area experiences a biannual production cycle with the early harvest being from March-May and the late second season being from October-December.

The factory receives assistance from Coffee Management Services (CMS) with the long term goal of increasing coffee production through farmer training, input access, Good Agricultural Practice seminars, and a sustainable farming handbook updated and distributed annually. They are striving to establish a transparent, trust based relationship farmers, helping to support a sustained industry growth in Kenya, whilst bringing premium quality coffees roasters, and premium prices to the farmers.

Through the pre-financing they receive, farmers are given advances for school fees and farm inputs. The factory manager is re-trained every year by CMS, in addition to field days being held by the minister of agriculture and agrochemical companies that deliver inputs to the farmers. Demonstration plots are planted at the factory to reinforce the best practices taught throughout the year.

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