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Kindeng Dry Mill - Natural

Juicy berries with floral chocolate and tangy fruit.

Category - Adventurous 

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Roast - Filter

Origin - Papua New Guinea
Mill - Kindeng Dry Mill
Producer - 1500 Smallholders
Region - Wahgi Valley, Jikawa
Process - Natural

Import Partner - Cafe Imports

This coffee comes to from the Kindeng Dry Mill, located in the Jikawa province of Papua New Guinea. It is a blend of coffees purchased in cherry from about 1500 smallholders located in the Kindeng and Arufa municipalities.

The average farm size of producers in this area is about 1-2 hectares, and the soil is generally sandy loam and loamy clay.

After cherries are received at the mill, they are processed accordingly and dried on raised beds and canvasses. They are moved multiple times a day throughout the average 30 day drying process to ensure an even and uniform average moisture content across the lot. Once the coffee is adequately dried, it is placed into bags, stored in a cool and dry warehouse, hulled, milled, and prepped for export.

We love the sweet and boozy nature of this coffee. It rests really well and is a great filter option.

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