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José Gaibor - Rancho Tio Emilio - Anaerobic Washed

Floral caramel, apple, jasmine and pomegranate.

Category Adventurous

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Roast - Filter & Espresso

 - Ecuador
Farm - Rancho Tio Emilio
Farm Owner - José Gaibor
Farm Manager - Henry Gaibor

Varietal - Typica
Process - Anaerobic Washed

Import Partner: Cafe Imports


Rancho Tio Emilio is a farm owned by José Gaibor, whose brother, Henry, owns and operates the farms and mill at Finca Maputo and nearby Hakuna Matata. Henry and José's late father was named Emilio Gaibor, and this farm is named in his honor. José is an infant heart surgeon, so he lives in town during the week, while Henry and his wife, Verena, oversee the daily operations of Rancho Tio Emilio, as well as their own land at Maputo and Hakuna Matata.

We have a lot more to share about Henry and Verena when we release a lot from their farm Finca Maputo in the coming weeks.

For this special preparation, the coffee is depulped the day it's harvested, then placed in airtight tanks to ferment within an anaerobic environment: This allows the temperature to stay cooler and will slow the fermentation down. Around 37 hours later, the coffee is removed, washed, and spread on raised beds to dry.

This coffee is outstanding as both a filter and an espresso option.

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