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Timemore Icicle Cold Brewer

The Icicle cold brewer is the most recent addition to our collection of cold brewers. With its high-quality borosilicate and silicon parts, it has a light weight of 370 grams and a capacity of 600ml, which is the perfect size for two people, if you ask us. Its leakproof seal is state-of-the-art, holding in every drop of precious coffee and it also allows 360˚ pouring with no dripping. The carafe has a matte feel and is coated in a delicate blanket of frosted white making it easy to grip, and beautiful to look at.

Apart from just looking good, the Timemore Icicle cold brewer does a great job, too. The filter is longer than we've seen before - in fact, it reaches the bottom of the carafe, offering a more even extraction. You only need 30g of coffee to brew, and since it has a leakproof seal, you can store it on its side in the fridge.

  • Materials: PP, Silicon, Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel, Nylon
  • Weight: 370g
  • Capacity: 600ml

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