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Specialty Instant Coffee (6 sachets) - Worka Chelbesa - washed

Sweet and delicate peach iced tea, with subtle chocolate finish

Category - Adventurous (Find out more about our coffee categories here.)

 - Ethiopia

Washing Station Owner - Negusse Delba
Altitude - 1,190 - 2,200m
Region - Gedeb, Yirgacheffe
Process - Washed

Import Partner - West Coast Coffee Traders

Instant Coffee Partner - Swift Cup Coffee

This coffee comes to us from Gedeb, Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. 486 small holder farmers with farms ranging from 1900m - 2200 meters above sea level deliver their cherries to a washing station owned by Negusse Delba.

The coffee is then depulped and pre-soaked for 12-24 hours before being wet fermented for another 24-36 hours. After fermentation the coffee is sun dried on raised beds.

This isn't your regular old instant coffee. This is specialty roasted and crafted coffee, available for you to enjoy anywhere, any time, without compromising on quality. 

How to Enjoy your Pallet Instant Coffee:

  1. Add one packet of Pallet Instant Coffee into your favourite mug.
  2. Add 8 - 10 oz. of hot or cold liquid (water, milk, or milk alternative)
  3. Give it a good stir
  4. Enjoy!

One box makes 6 cups of coffee. Each packet contains 5g of freeze dried coffee


About Swift Cup Coffee:

They start with high quality, ethically sourced coffee then using a proprietary process, carefully brew the coffee before slowly dehydrating the coffee through freeze drying. The resulting solubles are then preserved and ready for you to enjoy a great cup of specialty instant coffee anywhere, anytime

What is the shelf life? Studies show that freeze dried foods, when stored in ideal conditions can last years! We are hesitant to make specific claims, but all signs are pointing towards a VERY long time. Please store in a cool and dry place to help extend shelf life. 

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