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Diego Robelo - Aquiares Estate - Thermic Fermentation Natural

Tropical pineapple with berries, apple pie and cacoa nib .

Category - Motive Series 

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Roast - Filter

 - Costa Rica
Farm - Aquiares Estate
Producer - Diego Robelo
Varietal - Centroamericano
Process - Thermic Fermentation Natural

Import Partner: West Coast Coffee Traders


This lot is from Diego Robelo and the team (community) at Aquiares Estate in Costa Rica. 

We have purchased many different processed lots from Aquiares Estate over the last few years including washed, red honey, natural and carbonic maceration. This lot is one of three new experimental lots that we purchased from Diego this year. 

This lot is a 'Thermic Fermentation Natural' processed centroamericano varietal. The whole cherries are brought to the mill where floaters are separated and the heavy fruit is wrapped in a heat capturing, heavy duty plastic sheet that is sealed to create an anoxic environment. They are then placed inside greenhouses where they are heated by the sun to promote a thermophilic fermentation of the coffee cherries. This fermentation takes a minimum of 3 days to finish. Afterwards, cherry is sun-dried for 15 days, and sealed in bags for three months of aging.

We find this process brings out amazing aromas and sweet characteristics that stand out as a pour over or other filter methods.

For more info on Aquiares Estate click here.

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